If Tomorrow Starts Without Me by Nhị Đặng

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When tomorrow starts without me,
And I am not there to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
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Repetition by Phil Kaye

My parents left each other when I was 7 years old
Before their last argument they sent me off to the neighbor’s house,
like some astronaut jettisoned from the shuttle.
When I came back there was no gravity in our home, beds floating
I imagined it as an accident, that when I left
They whispered to each other “I love you” so many times over
that they forgot what it meant

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Rap Monster on Nylon TV Korea

“[…] Nghĩa là trong sâu thẳm tâm hồn chúng ta luôn tồn tại một loài cá mang tên ‘selfish’. Chúng ta hy vọng những người chúng ta ghét đi đường sẽ bị té ngã, mong họ sẽ bị cô gái họ thích đá cho một vố […]”

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